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We continue our commercial activities with brokerage and dealership system. We continue our way by being in export and import organizations, supplying and selling.

In Turkey and Bulgaria through our own company, we work with companies choosing accordance with our business structure with the member countries of the European Union. We have a serious market with Greece.

We work under the headings of packaging, food and textile.
Packing Area:

Our mission is to meet domestic and international demands and provide information about the sector with our solution partners about boxes, pizza boxes and offset printing works produced with corrugated cardboard in different quality and dimensions. For the products to be requested, production is made in the most suitable facilities and to meet the real needs of the customer.
Gıda Alanı :

Bu alanda yurtiçi ve yurtdışı bağlantılarımız ile değişik ürün gruplarında tedarik sağlayabiliriz. Ayçiçek, zeytin, pamuk, soya, kanolin vb. yağlar ile bunların alt ürünleri küspelerinide belirtilecek kriterlerde tadarik sağlanır. Ham yağ ve işlenmiş yağlarda mevcuttur. Ayrıca özel ürün pirincimizde Banasbati ve Ronaldo cinsi yurt dışı tedarik edilir.
Textile Area:

Produced from raw material to finished product; We evaluate the qualities we call main and by-products. Waste, clipping, yarn, top, fabric, stock fabric, end-party products, regulated garments, textile machinery brokerage transactions are made for our solution partner.
Food Area:

We can supply different product groups with our domestic and international connections in this field. Sunflower, olive, cotton, soy, canoline etc. oils and sub-products of these products are supplied in accordance with the criteria specified. Available in crude and processed oils. In addition, Banasbati and Ronaldo are supplied in our special product rice abroad.