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Agriculture  :
Arboriculture  :
It is very important that the elements that are important for arboriculture are together.
Rootstock (Root), vaccine (Trunk), suitability of planting area, planting shapes
and the result is the sum of the feeding conditions.
The sapling should be cared for like a baby and external damage should be prevented.
It is very important to get support from the professionals in these matters.
Here you can get support from our team of professional people.

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Fertilizer      :
The nutrition of the plant is called fertilization. These food chains (Fertilizer), one of the life sources of plants, are mainly composed of NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) and other elements.

Fertilization is given together with soil, leaves and irrigation (drip) in different compounds in each period of the plant's life cycle.

Our consultancy continues with quality and effective fertilizer support.