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We ambarked on our journey in 2008 going through many stages with sure steps, has mastered the subjects of;

- Business managment,
- Business Analytics,
- Foreign Trade,                        
- E-Commerce.
- Managment Organizations.

In the globalizing world, we have started to work as a Trade Colsultant in order to share this knowledge and support companies.
In the period when information and technology are spreading rapidly, business need help in marketing and sales issues, where there is competition in some issues, in order to keep up with this speed.
At this point, Kavuncugroup comes in to play. We support you with the necessary infrastructure.
A new era of technology and new world a wait us.

Our aim is to provide our customers with quality, stability, low cost and to be by their side.
Our main goal is to protect this image we have with our human relations and knowledge. In order to achieve this goal, your existence will be maintained by taking part in representing on your behalf in the fields of activity.
Our most important capital is our human, information and technology resources. The quality of services starts with the qualityof the employees. To attract and employ experienced and adult manpower to make maxiumum use of people’s talents, strenght and creativity; It is one of our main duties to increase their productivity, to enable them to develop and to provide innovation with a working environment where cooperation and solidarity flourish.
Our aim is to create resources for continuous improvement.
It is our motto to comply with superior business ethics and honest working principles.
It is our principle to act in good faith and understanding in all our relationships, in order to provide fair and mutual benefit and to always comply with the laws and moral rules. Fulfilling our responsibilities towards today’s people and future generations is another fundamental principle of which we are pioneers and which we cannot give up.
Our aim is to act with environmental protection awareness and to spread this awareness to a wide base for Turkey an the world.
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Mission & Vision

Minsk, Belarus
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