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Textiles  :
Yarns and Waste fibre  :
Yarn is classified as vegetable, animal and man-made due to its structure.

It is ensured that the materials used from these sources are turned into yarn by processing them in different formation (spinning).

Materials such as rash between these stages are called waste.

With the help of today's conditions and technology, it is recycled and reused in yarn making. The yarns produced in line with the demands of the customer can be given character. There may be dyeing from yarn, some finishing operations from yarn and physical changes.

The desired type and feature of yarn is supplied.
Fabrics         :
The fabrics produced to meet the needs of fashion designers and people differ according to their usage areas.

We can describe fabrics as woven, knitted and non-woven (Non-wowen).

In addition to the formation of the fabric, it also differs according to the types of yarn used and their blends.

Thanks to our solution partners, we have the ability to supply these different fabrics first hand, ie from factories.
Ready of Garments     :
According to usage areas; Production is made in the fields of outerwear, underwear, sportswear and health. These areas have details within themselves. In apparel, besides the fabric, auxiliary products, ie accessories, came to the fore. In addition, the ready-made products can be shaped by chemical and heat treatments according to the end customer request.

Our solution partners offer us new production or ready-made stock products in ready-to-wear.

We are in a position to meet the demands of hygienic and certified masks that are recommended to be used for epidemics that have plagued the world recently.
Home Textile    :
In this field, we work with people who are experienced and knowledgeable in their business, especially in areas such as towels, bathrobes, bed linens, rust rust and hotel textiles.

There are products such as 100% Cotton, Cotton blend (bamboo or polyester etc.).

Quality can be supplied according to the arrival of the demands.
Second of Textile Machines    :
We continue the purchase and sale of the machines used for fabric production in the textile sector with our foreign solution partner.

It is evaluated according to its needs and category.